Crisis Line Updates- Holiday Break and Spring Semester Schedules

Happy Friday!

We have a few updates this week, including the shift sign ups for next semester!
In response to all the winter weather this week,
Lost Macbook Charger
There was a Macbook charger left in the crisis line office a few days ago. If it is yours, you can pick it up from the CI office.
Ending Calls with Continuing Callers and Potentially Abusive Callers
We have had a lot of calls lately from continuing callers. Some of these callers can be mistaken as abusive callers due to rough or sexual language. However, if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about a call, please transfer the call to an OSA (if there are any in office) or a CI staff member instead of hanging up. We recognize that there is no “right way” to discuss survivorship and we want to keep our services as open and accessible to folks of all experiences as possible. If at any point you feel uncomfortable on a call, it is always okay to transfer it to staff. Thank you for your all of your help in providing this critical advocacy to survivors!
Winter Break Schedule
We are still needing a lot of help during winter break. If you will be available at all, we would love to have you! You can sign up for shifts here.
Spring Semester Schedule
We have officially completed the spring semester schedule and it is ready for sign ups! The spring semester schedule will run from January 7- May 3. You can sign up for your spring shifts here,
PLEASE REMEMBER: If you are a crisis line volunteer or an OSA 2, you must sign up for one consistent shift every week for the entire semester schedule. There is a tab for each week’s schedule at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
Thank you all for everything you do and enjoy your break (if you have one)!
Crisis Line Online Resources!
We now have a working online folder of Crisis Line resources!! For those of you who prefer to pull things up on a computer when your helping a client, or prefer reading reminders online you can use the link below. 🙂 If you prefer hard copies, and using the binders in the office, don’t worry! This online folder is not meant to replace those resources, it’s just in addition! Let a CI staff member know if you have any questions.
CL Resource Maintanence
This tool is a google sheet that I will include in these emails every week. Please feel free to click on the link and begin adding your requests! Let a CI staff person know if you have any questions about this!!

All best,


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