CL Updates – Winter break schedule

Hello Crisis Liners,

As finals are coming up, we hope you’re also taking some time to care for yourselves. We appreciate your commitment to volunteering especially during a time that is stressful for many of you.
A huge shout out to our volunteer Hayley M., whose work donated $500 to MWH!
Winter Break Schedule 
We have also created the schedule for winter break which will run from December 17 through January 6. If you have availability during IU’s winter break, we could really use your helpThe schedule is found within the normal CL/OSA schedule below, just make sure you click on the correct tab at the bottom.
Crisis Line/OSA Schedule 
Please remember: Only two volunteers can sign up for an in-office shift at once. We can always use all the help we can get. We are especially in need of volunteers on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays.
Fall 2018 Crisis Line and OSA Schedule – August 20th through December 16th
Crisis Line Online Resources!
We now have a working online folder of Crisis Line resources!! For those of you who prefer to pull things up on a computer when your helping a client, or prefer reading reminders online you can use the link below. 🙂 If you prefer hard copies, and using the binders in the office, don’t worry! This online folder is not meant to replace those resources, it’s just in addition! Let a CI staff member know if you have any questions.
CL Resource Maintanence
This tool is a google sheet that I will include in these emails every week. Please feel free to click on the link and begin adding your requests! Let a CI staff person know if you have any questions about this!!