Crisis Line Updates- Thanksgiving Week Schedule Sign Up and Confidentiality Reminder

Hi there,

It’s another grey and rainy Friday! I hope everyone has been able to stay dry!
I have a few updates and reminders to pass along this week.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule
The schedule of Thanksgiving week is ready and available on the Google sheet. If you want to keep your normal shift, just add yourself back on to your normal time slot. If you are available to pick up other shifts, that would be very helpful also! Please let us know if you have any questions about the Thanksgiving week schedule.

Phone Messages
Please remember to write the date and time on the messages that you take for staff. If the client wants a follow up call, please always remember to ask for a safe contact number.

We wanted to relay an important reminder about confidentiality from our Executive Director, Debra. If you have any questions about our confidentiality policies, just let us know!

“I know that we all recognize the importance of confidentiality for the survivors we work with but occasionally a reminder can be helpful.  We must always remember that when we are in public spaces and talking we can be overheard.  We should not say client’s names where others not associated with Middle Way House can overhear or talk  about our client’s lives.  We should also not tell people who are not associated with Middle Way House the names of clients or their children.  It is also important not to have pictures of clients or their children on our phone or share photos of our clients with others.  While I know that we all are very conscious of survivor’s safety, reminders can always be helpful.

The work you do is challenging and is so valuable to those you work with.  I appreciate your dedication!”

Crisis Line/OSA Schedule 
Please remember: Only two volunteers can sign up for an in-office shift at once.
We can always use all the help we can get. We are especially in need of volunteers on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays. 

Fall 2018 Crisis Line and OSA Schedule– August 20th through December 16th

Crisis Line Online Resources!
We now have a working online folder of Crisis Line resources!! For those of you who prefer to pull things up on a computer when your helping a client, or prefer reading reminders online you can use the link below. 🙂 If you prefer hard copies, and using the binders in the office, don’t worry! This online folder is not meant to replace those resources, it’s just in addition! Let a CI staff member know if you have any questions.

Crisis Line Online Resources

CL Resource Maintanence
This tool is a google sheet that I will include in these emails every week. Please feel free to click on the link and begin adding your requests! Let a CI staff person know if you have any questions about this!!

Upcoming Events

Naloxone Training: 
The IU Middle Way House Chapter is partnering with the Indiana Recovery Alliance to host a Naloxone training to support harm reduction in our community.
Training Details:
Tuesday, November 6 @ 7:15 pm
Radio and TV Building, Room 226
1229 E. 7th St., Bloomington, IN 47405
Pizza will be provided!
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