Crisis Line Update – Volunteer Info + New Resource Center

Happy Halloween!

Our lovely CI specialist Kym created a survey for volunteers where you all can write down some of your thoughts about what can be improved, what’s working well, and any other ideas you might have. We value your experiences and opinions and figured that this would be a great (and anonymous) platform for you to communicate those with us.

We just finished setting up our resource center, which includes all kinds of information for survivors including safety plans, to food security, parent support, addiction recovery, immigration resources and lots more. The resource center is located in the legal area right next to the “playroom” where you would meet with a walk-in.
MWH’s triage specialist Donna is in need for some extra support at the front desk as she is working incredibly hard on projects that require her full attention and focus. We are reaching out to CL volunteers because you would still be the first point of contact for walk-ins and you might talk to survivors who accidentally called the admin number instead of the crisis line number. If you are interested in dedicating some of your shift to the front desk please let us know.