Crisis Line Update – A Couple Reminders and Childcare Job Opening!

Happy Friday Everyone!
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Crisis Line Reminders
1.) We just wanted to remind everyone that people calling the crisis line do not have to immediately disclose experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence, or human trafficking in order for us to talk to them. We know that this can be potentially confusing since we do ask specifically about DV/SV/HT  if we’re filling out a shelter request. We recognize that callers may never explicitly disclose the violence that they have experienced/are experiencing but it’s still very important that we hold space for them.
2.) After completing a crisis line log, please remember to mark whether the call was a crisis call or not. We have posted a list describing what qualifies as a crisis call under the shift schedule in the crisis line office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to grab one of us and ask!
Childcare Job Opening!
Rise and Shine Childcare at Middle Way House is looking to hire a Childcare Assistant. Childcare assistants help with providing high-quality care for children ages 8 weeks to 5 years and assist with maintaining a safe, clean, facility.
Interested candidates must be available year-round (including school breaks). Must be able to pass a national background check as well as a drug test. Additional training and requirements to be completed after hiring. Any questions regarding the position can be directed to Marcella at

Crisis Line/OSA Schedule 

Please remember: Only two volunteers can sign up for an in-office shift at once.
We can always use all the help we can get. We are especially in need of volunteers on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays. 
Fall 2018 Crisis Line and OSA Schedule– August 20th through December 16th
Crisis Line Online Resources!
We now have a working online folder of Crisis Line resources!! For those of you who prefer to pull things up on a computer when your helping a client, or prefer reading reminders online you can use the link below. 🙂 If you prefer hard copies, and using the binders in the office, don’t worry! This online folder is not meant to replace those resources, it’s just in addition! Let a CI staff member know if you have any questions.
CL Resource Maintanence
This tool is a google sheet that I will include in these emails every week. Please feel free to click on the link and begin adding your requests! Let a CI staff person know if you have any questions about this!!