June 22, 2018 Crisis Line Updates – Donation Procedure Change, Volunteer Survery, and Fiesta del Otoño!!

Hello Crisis Liners!

This week has been such a wild ride of chaotic energy… thanks summer soltice!! :p

On behalf of MWH, thank you all for your brilliant compassion, committment, and support this week. We could not get through times like these without your incredible support. It is noticed, and so very appreciated.

Crisis Line Schedules

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to sign up for a shift on the schedule, link is below!

Summer Session II 2018 CL Schedule – June18th through July 29th

August Interim 2018 CL Schedule – July 30th through August 19th

Fiesta del Otoño – Tabling Request for Volunteers!

Any volunteers who are interested in tabling for MWH at this event, we would love the help. We are particularly intersted in anyone who speaks Spanish. Please see the message below for information.


“This year the city of Bloomington will celebrate its 13th Annual Fiesta del Otoño on Saturday, September 15 from 10am-1pm at Showers Plaza City Hall 401 N Morton St.  In conjunction with the Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market.  This year’s theme for Fiesta del Otoño is “Celebrando Nuestras Raíces, Nuestra Herencia, Nuestra Fuerza – Celebrating Our Roots, Our Heritage, Our Strength”.


We invite organizations from the community to provide information about their organization to the Latino and Hispanic community.  Please respond to this email no later than Friday August 17th, if your organization is interested in participating in this exciting community event by hosting a resource table.  A table and two chairs will be provided.

Fiesta Del Otoño is a campus-community collaboration between the City of Bloomington Latino Program and Outreach Division and Indiana University’s Latino Enhancement Cooperative to celebrate the National Hispanic Heritage Month (NHHM).  NHHM is celebrated throughout the country in the months of September and October.  Fiesta del Otoño both educates and provides festive activities for all to enjoy and we encourage local organizations to show their support by hosting a resource table for the event.” – Josefa Luce

If you are interested, please email our communications coordinator, Sarah Hunt, to let her know. Her email is sarah.hunt@middlewayhouse.org.

Donation Policy Change!!

We have a new procedure for responding to donations. From now on, donations will only be accepted Monday through Friday between 10am-4:30pm, at the FRONT door. 

-If someone calls and wants to know if we accept certain donations, or about our wishlist (found on our website), you can still transfer those calls to Lauren.

-If someone shows up with donations outside of those hours and without any pre-arrangement, thank them for thinking of us, then let them know where/when they can come back to donate.

-If someone cannot make those times work, please let them know they will have to coordinate an alternate time with Lauren.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Volunteer Survey

Your CI staff is regularly working on how to improve our services and programs. However, we don’t always have the same perspective as all of you, coming from different positions. Your feedback is invaluable for informing us on what we could be doing to better serve you as a volunteer as well as our clients.  If you have a moment, please follow the link below to complete a survey to help us learn what we can do to address these questions. Please complete this survey by July 9th. Thank you!!


Crisis Line Procedure Reminders

Resident Calls – Anytime someone calls and identifies themself as a resident, even if you recognize them, please do not C/D you know them and transfer the call to a staff member.

Sign In Sheets – there are two sign-in sheets for volunteers in the crisis line office:  one for CL and one for OSA. If you are on the CL schedule and operating as a crisis liner, please ONLY sign up on the CL sheet. If you are in the office as an OSA, please ONLY sign in on the OSA sheet. Meaning, you should only ever be signing in on one sheet.

Crisis Line Online Resources!

We now have a working online folder of Crisis Line resources!! For those of you who prefer to pull things up on a computer when your helping a client, or prefer reading reminders online you can use the link below. 🙂 If you prefer hard copies, and using the binders in the office, don’t worry! This online folder is not meant to replace those resources, it’s just in addition! Let a CI staff member know if you have any questions.

Crisis Line Online Resources

CL Resource Maintanence

This tool is a google sheet that I will include in these emails every week. Please feel free to click on the link and begin adding your requests! Let a CI staff person know if you have any questions about this!!

CL Resource Maintenance Sheet

Weekly Reminders

What should you do as soon as you walk into the CL office?

  1.  As soon as you arrive, you should sign in (this is very important – we get funding for every volunteer hour logged, and this is how we know you were actually there!!)
  2. You should also write your name on the marker board directly outside of the CL office! It helps everyone get to know you. Feel free to draw something fun on there too!!
  3. Check the white board for any updates, or important information.
  4. Make sure you know if anyone is on the pending list, and familiarize with the ‘current resident’ clipboard.
  5. Read through the past few days of calls in the call log book to catch up on what’s going on!

I’m not coming in for my shift. 

  1. Email mwh-crisisline-l@list.indiana.edu ASAP and ask if someone can take your shift, be sure to include the shift day and time.
  2. If it’s the day of your shift, call shelter and let them know that you won’t be in, AND do #1.
  3. Please consider if there is any way to avoid this conflict, particularly if you don’t have a shift partner. Our services does NOT function in the ideal way if we do not have crisis liners. Staff needs to be available to help residents with their individual needs, assist walk-ins, respond to OSA requests, train new volunteers, etc. We absolutely depend on our crisis line to keep things running smoothly. If there’s any way that you can adjust things to avoid missing your shift, please do so.

-I can cover a shift that someone emailed the google group about!

You’re a lifesaver! Please copy the whole group on your response to them so that everyone knows the shift was covered.


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